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Plantable Diwali Cards (Set of 12)


This year, not only pollution-free, but paper-less Diwali should also be the chant. Thus, we created this set of 12 Diwali cards made out of seed embedded paper, which can be planted after use. These eco-friendly folding seed paper cards, purely made of recycled paper and free of dyes are perfect gift to add for gifting this Diwali season. Unlike those traditional Diwali cards, they do not contribute their existence to the trash. No trees are harmed in the process of making them.

1. Material – Basil Seed Embedded Paper; the paper which grows into plants, made from 100% genuine cotton and seeds of various plants added while making the pulp.
2. Package content and Dimensions – Pack of 12 cards; Length: 7cm, Width: 10cm, Thickness: 270GSM
3. These foldabale seed paper cards are 100% natural, recyclable, bio-degradable and truly Eco-friendly.
4. We have four designs and each pack will have all the designs in it (assorted).
5. A perfect buy for a sustainable and eco friendly Diwali wishes.

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