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Kavi White Owl Lamp


Kavi White Owl lamp, completely hand created and hand‐crafted with acrylic artwork on an up cycled wine bottle with a wooden base. The bird is sure to bring peace to the darkest of nights, as the rare White Owl, considered an auspicious guardian watcher, will keep negativity away. Best used with a 15‐watt milky white bulb.PS: Since all the pieces are handmade, there may be slight variations in the design patterns/artwork from bottle to bottle. Also, every wine/champagne bottle may be slightly different in shape but each piece will look the same and have the same effect after the artwork’s done on it.
Please note that bulb is not provided with the lamp. You can purchase 15 watt milky white bulb from market and use with this lamp.

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Orange, Pink, Fl. Yellow, Blue, Fl. Green