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Kavi Vintage Cassette Coasters


Good Music doesn’t have an expiration date. That’s what inspired us to make these set of four MDF coasters backed with cork having four different beautiful lyrics of some timeless songs. Perfect to stop your table from being damaged by heat or spills and also compliments the modern, clean look of today. Great for use in home, office or bars and to gift your loved one.


1. Material- These coasters are made up of MDF and backed with 1mm cork.
2. Package content and Dimensions – Set of 4 Mdf coasters, Length : 4inch, Width : 4inch, Thickness : 6mm (with cork)
3. Great for use in home, offices and bars. Also, Perfect to protect surfaces and to gift to someone.
4. Just need to be cleaned with a damp soft cloth to be kept as new.

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