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Kavi To-Do Board


Who said that staying organized isn’t easy?
This To-Do Board is a perfect solution for your sticky notes mess, and a complete addition to wherever you’ll hang it. Write any messages or reminders, and clip note or pictures to keep in front of you always. Menu or event items, daily tasks or to do notes, this board will be your best mate.

  1. This To-Do Board, Chalkboard and Clip-on is framed with recycled wood, attached with 10 clips.
  2. Dimension – Width : 25inches, Length : 18inches, Thickness : 1inch
  3. The chalk board provides help to keep alive your creativity, while the clip-on keeps your to-do notes and reminders organized and always in front of you.
  4. Made from durable material that is sturdy enough for long-term use. Comes with pre-installed brackets at the back for easy hanging.
  5. Get organized with this handy multi-use To-Do Board. Ideal for home, offices and schools.


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