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Kavi Sukoon Tea Light Holder


Gulzaar once said “थोड़ा सुकून भी ढूँढिए जनाब, यह ज़रूरतें तो कभी खतम नहीं होती”, and that exactly
inspired us to make this beautiful tealight holder which will definitely make you forget about your life chaos for at least a while. Place a tealight under it and light up your home with this extensively detailed product.

1. Recycled bottle is used to make this beautiful tea light holder.
2. Package Content and Dimensions : One bottle top + One MDF stand + One tea light, Height(with base)– 13.3cm ; Diameter – 7.3cm
3. Ideal for living rooms, hallways and decorative lightning .
4. A complimentary tea light makes it a complete gift for your loved ones on any occasion.
5. Since all the pieces are hand created, there may be a slight variation in shape and color but each piece will have the same effect.



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