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Kavi Classic Quotes Cork Coasters


There are so many magical words by the greats, and just as many memes on them afloat. But we want you to move over virtual and keep them for real. Here are Kavi The Poetry-Art Project’s picks of lines to live by from books to die for. Cork is one of the most eco friendly, sustainable materials in the world.The outer bark of a cork oak tree can be stripped every 9-14 years without harming the tree. Since the harvesting involves no logging, a diverse, ancient woodland ecosystem based on native flora has developed. In buying and using cork products you are contributing to preserve a natural, renewable and important ecological environment.

Material: Cork
Package Content and Dimension: 4 Coasters, Length: 4 inch, Breadth: 4 inch
Heat resistant, absorbs moisture, spilled liquid and does not create scratches on your table

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