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Customised Beige Living Name Board With Vat69 Planter


So much more than a name-plate.
Greeting your visitors in a way that leaves a broad smile on their faces, yes a name plate can do that. A unique name-plate that is not just great Vaastu, but also a warm fuzzy-hearted welcome to all your guests with a special touch – can now be yours!
One-of-a-kind customised nameplate that has life, meaning and a little dose of your personality attached to it for welcoming your guests with an enthralling aura even before they enter your house. Show it off and spread the good vibes.
Made with reclaimed wood and upcycled bottle planter, this name plate can be customised with your name and details.

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Material – Reclaimed Wood with an Upcycled Planter.

Package Content : One piece wooden pallet, One piece bottle planter and coco peat.
Dimension : Length :- 20cm,Width:- 30.5cm, Height:- 2.5cm(Pallet), Length:- 10.5cm, Diameter:- 10cm(Planter)
PLEASE NOTE that the plant in the picture is only representational. The packaged unit does not include the plant.


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