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Who We Are

Kavi – The Poetry-Art Project is an independent collective that creates recycled pop art powered by poetry and personalization. Started by three friends—Amit, Madhuri and Soumya—it involves grassroot level artisans to build sustainable lifestyle articles such as wine-cork earrings and coasters, Cola and Maggi wrapper clocks, upcycled bottle lamps, planters, beer mugs, key-hangers and much more.

Kavi was formed in 2012 with the simple thought that something as beautiful as poetry deserves to be seen, read and realized more in our day-to-day lives than only breathe in blogs, books, private journals and recitals. And so, we decided to bring poems to our living spaces. This is a first-of-its-kind India-based organisation that makes poetry come alive in living spaces as visual concepts. We provide customizable upcycled gifting options with a hand-created, literary touch. These include many varieties of lamps and key hangers from upcycled wine and beer bottles, craft clocks, wall-art, bags, planters, cushion covers and much more, mostly eco-friendly.

We are in the Limca Book of Records 2015 for this unique initiative, and what sets us apart is that most of the articles we create are hand-crafted by our team of dedicated, grassroot-level artists, and can be personalized with a little note or poem.

We also hold cultural exhibits and events all over India to promote poetry as alive, see-touch art, so that everyone can get involved!

Kavi The Poetry-Art Project: An Introduction